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Our mission is to provide refuge, protection, & affection, while promoting true compassion for animals of the world.

Kitchensink Rescue Farm and Sanctuary located in Roberts Creek, B.C provides a loving safe haven for all types of abused, neglected and injured animals. Since 1999 we have saved the lives of and provided care for many animals. The farm provides sanctuary to animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, dogs, cats, chickens, and more.


We practice the idea of a environment for everyone, we strive to have every member in any community embraced. We as an organization are proud that half of our leadership and board are member of the BIPOC community, as well as volunteer staff from our LGBTQ2S+ community.


Our Story

In 1999, I ended up rescuing 2 kittens from the side of the road in Richmond, and unable to find owner I thought, “well, I guess you’re coming with me.” During that time I worked at a Veterinary Hospital in North Vancouver, with all the cases that came in, it’s clear to say I brought my work home with me, literally!

I was fortunate enough to meet the most wonderful and understanding man in the whole world, who shared my views on the mistreatment of animals, and had the the compassion for change like me. 6 pit bulls and 4 cats later we noticed how much of a need there was to rescue livestock.

“It started with a horse now we’re here”.

We are both passionate about education through animal advocacy. We want to bring to light the stories of the animals that live on our farm, as well as many other cases of abuse and neglected or abandoned animals.


Farm-life today is a caring home to 74 of those animals. “Love all creatures” is our slogan and primary purpose. We continue educational activities at the farm for in the hopes of raising awareness and providing people of all ages with an opportunity to connect with animal life in a kind and loving way.

Join us on our mission to provide a better, kinder place for all creatures.

Whether you have an interest in joining our team, a general question, or a new idea for the farm, we are so happy to hear from you.

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