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At the end of the day, donations and volunteer work are what keep our animal rescue running. The smallest amount goes a long way.

There are several options for donating and if you feel you can’t provide a monetary submission but would still like to help, consider volunteering your time.

Animal Sponsor

Being a monthly sponsor for an animal helps with contributing to a continual income. Having that guaranteed income is very valuable to sanctuaries and a wonderful way to help the animals.

Monthly Donation

If you sign up for a monthly donation of at least $5, you will be added to the monthly draws! Some local business have been kind enough to help us with this, the monthly prize will change each month and are valued around $20 or more.

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One Time Donation

Other than being an animal sponsor or setting up a monthly donation, giving a one time donation is extremely helpful and always appreciated.

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Other ways to donate

We have an account with the wonderful people at Quality farms and garden, in Gibsons. They are happy to take donation to our account if you would like to help with monthly feed and bedding cost.


Bottles and refunds containers can be dropped off at Grips in Pender Harbour. You can ask them to donate your refund monies right to the farm.

Amazon Wish List

If you aren't sure what items would help us the most, take a look at our Amazon Wish List. This is a pre selected list of items that we've put together. Any and all items help, but feel free to browse and purchase from this!


Sanctuary work is A LOT of cleaning. Volunteers are gold, and committing to a couple of hours a month helping clean animal areas makes a huge difference.


Small volunteer jobs are also a big help such as a weekly recycle depot trip, stopping by stores to pick up items of food for the animals, using your photography skills help with event set ups, finding grant writing and information, and so much more.


You can also volunteer your time by doing admin work and helping with social media posts. It is Especially helpful is if you have any special skill sets, especially in trades, for big projects like barn builds. Please feel free to contact us about any ideas.

Join us on our mission to provide a better, kinder place for all creatures.

Whether you have an interest in joining our team, a general question, or a new idea for the farm, we are so happy to hear from you.

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